Here is how RERA protects you from fraudulent builders!

With the real estate developers postponing projects, cheating and participating in other fraudulent
practices, homebuyers are usually left helpless before ground-breaking builders. Over 80% of the 25 lakh odd private projects launched within 10 years have been deferred. Homebuyers put their entire life’s hard earned money to buy their dream house and are ultimately left at whims of the builder. Presently,homebuyers don’t have a point of contact to follow the advancement of a project, builders advertise and sell vague super built-up area.

To resolve the issues of vulnerable homebuyers, the government has introduced RERA which places
purchaser’s interest in the front line. In the RERA era, the homebuyer is the ruler and the builders have to guarantee consistency to stay away from penalty. The National Capital Region-Delhi registered most postponements, trailed by the Mumbai Metropolitan Region. Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Pune, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Chennai also didn’t fare better. According to RERA, each State and Union Territory will have its very own regulator and set of standards to administer the working of the regulator. Following are the manners in which RERA protects you:-

Builders need to mandatorily register with RERA
To find fraud builders and secure purchaser’s interest, a developer needs to register with the regulatory
authority before he begins to welcome, publicize, sell, offer, market or book any plot. After enlistment,
all the advertisement welcoming investment should bear unique RERA registration number. The enlistment number will be given to projects. For the projects that are as of now continuous on the date of the beginning of this Act are required to register inside a quarter of a year since 1st May 2017.

Limitation on accepting advance installment
To further secure the interests of the purchasers, RERA commands that the developer can’t request over 10% of the property’s expense as booking sum before signing a registered sale arrangement.

Restrictions on utilizing funds received for a project
The promoter of the project is required to keep up a different escrow account for every one of their projects and deposit 70% of the money received from investors and purchasers in that account. This money must be utilized for the development of the project and the expense borne towards the land.

Track the status of projects, clearances acquired etc.
To bring transparency and accountability and instill certainty of the homebuyers in the builders, builders are required to have trustworthy credentials before beginning any project. They have to register under RERA state authority and submit all data pertaining to clearances got from various departments, yearly reports, asset report, cash stream statement and auditor’s report.

Assurance of Quality
Homebuyers suffer on account of the low quality of construction material used by the builders. RERA addresses this issue by ensuring a quality keep an eye on the flats constructed by builders. The regulator will ensure assurance to buyers in the issue from five years from the date of possession. During this five year period, if the purchaser highlights any issue with respect to the quality of construction before the regulator, at that point the manufacturer is under a commitment to redress the same within 30 days.

Delay in finishing a project
Builders can’t defer conveyance of flats to homebuyers. Projects should be finished on schedule time failing which builders should compensate homebuyers with an interest rate of State Bank of India’s highest marginal cost of lending rate plus two percent within 45 days of it becoming due.

Speedy redressal of grievances
Any complaint that is brought before the regulatory authority needs to be resolved within 60 days of the complaint being filed.

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