Jaypee HomeBuyers join hands to ask Supreme Court for their rights

Angry jaypee home buyers

Many Jaypee homebuyers are coming forward to become a part of Chitra Sharma’s PIL in the Supreme Court, seeking clarity and definition of their rights in Jaypee projects that are facing insolvency.

Chitra, who booked a flat in Jaypee Wish Town in Noida, has filed a PIL against the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) for accepting a plea seeking insolvency proceedings against Jaypee Infratech, contending that there was no clarity on the buyers’ rights. In the begining, the PIL had a group of around 20 buyers who made a joint appeal. On Monday, 102 more buyers had joined the appeal.  Homebuyers claim that they will sign up< many more buyers for the next appeal in the Supreme Court on possession delays by Jaypee Infratech.

We will appeal to the Supreme court to clarify the homebuyers right as a part of the appeal on October 10. There are around 32,000 buyers in Jaypee Wish Town alone and all are welcome to join this appeal. Who is going to ensure the delivery of our apartments now? What happens to penalties due to us? We invite not only all Jaypee buyers, but all buyers from various projects to join us in this appeal, and be a part of it.” said Krishan Mitroo, a Jaypee Wish Town investor.

Another homebuyer CP Surendran added, “The fact that buyers were sidelined in the NCLT procedure as operational creditors has clearly come to light. Jaypee buyers will now demand inclusion in the process as financial creditors, by being which their rights to the financial recovery is on a par with the banks. But one also needs to question what happens to all those forms that the buyers filled to claim their stake in the original NCLT proceedings. Do those forms now become null and void? We will seek clarification on these from the court.

The Supreme Court has put a stay on the NCLT proceedings against Jaypee Infratech, and has  set the next hearing date for Oct 10th, 2017, giving time for more homebuyers to join the petition.

Join the Jaypee Homebuyer Petition in the Supreme Court


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3 Comments on "Jaypee HomeBuyers join hands to ask Supreme Court for their rights"

  1. Unity makes strength. Please come together all buyers and it will be solved fast.

  2. It’s our hard earned money and we can not allow builders to take us for a ride. So let’s unite in big number and ask for our right

  3. Pratima Jaiswal Joint with Mahendra Jaiswal | September 12, 2017 at 6:00 pm | Reply

    My Flat No N19-705 is in Jaypee Greens “Aman ” Sector-151 Noida.I have booked my flat and Recd PAL on 10 Apr 2010 and as per PAl within 30 month I was supposed to get my flat which is in sep 2012.Delay of my flat is approx 5 years.I have paid almost 90% flat cost.I am bearing with double cost i.e EMI as well as Rent.I am working in a private company and this is the big dent on my pocket.This is very pity condition.There is no response from the builder and it does not seem that when I will get my flat or money back.
    Pratima Jaiswal joint with Mahendra Jaiswal

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