Homebuyers planning to flood Jaypee Infratech with 4000 cases

Jaypee Protester

Jaypee Infratech legal teams seem to have their hands full for the next few months. Distressed buyers of Jaypee’s yet-to-come-homes are planning to bombard the builder with almost 4,000 individual criminal and civil cases.

Just after the Supreme Court’s (SC) stay on the National Company Law Tribunal’s (NCLT) insolvency proceeding against Jaypee Infratech, the home buyers have came out with a new strategy that includes bigger and more vocal protests, meeting various ministers, sending letter to the PMO and filing police complaints against the builder.

“The plan is to bombard Jaypee with multiple court cases, so that the developer remains tangled and engaged in legal issues. Jaypee Infratech is a huge company but to handle 4,000 individual cases would be a lot even for them. Many home buyers have already filed court cases against the builder over non-delivery of the promised home and cheating, among other charges. More buyers are planning to file the case over the next few weeks,” said Pankaj Gupta, a Jaypee Wish Town’s Kensington Park Apartment project buyer.

Many buyers are also planning to file a new lot of FIR (‘First Information Reports). “We will file the FIRs for cheating and whatever else our lawyers will advise. This is the only way to ensure that we finally get some closure,” said Gautam Chatterjee, a Jaypee Wish Town’s Kosmos project buyer.

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Home buyers are also trying to look out for new ways of including Jaypee Associates Ltd in the court cases. “When the flats were sold to us, it was through Jaypee Associates that the sale happened but now it has been kept out of the loop from any prosecutions” says Chatterjee. A new wave of protest is planned, as well as to approach the UP government — CM Yogi Adityanath and other ministers. Beside appeals to the Central Government.

Some home buyers doubt that if the Supreme court’s stay on the insolvency plea gives respite to the buyers. “They are in the same position that they were a month back. The status will remain the same till next hearing” says President of Chamber of Indian Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Mukesh Mohan Gupta. Around 32,000 Jaypee homebuyers and 40,000 buyers of Amrapali Group in Noida and Greater Noida areas are immensely anxious over the NCLT issue.

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  1. I booked a flat in WishTown Classic Tower A2. Full payment has been made. Rather they were prompt in claiming penalty when when payment was delayed. So I made the last payment even if it was not demanded. In between there was an issue of paying Rs 5 per sq ft per month applicable to the area of the flat booked from the promised date of delivery to the actual date of delivery. This issue has completely disappeared in this melee. In fact on these basis I shall get refund.

    The Claim form with all documents were sent to Sri Anuj Jain on 18 August. Thereafter there is no news on the process. Though there are some news here and there on something going on, everything is so fluid. There is no concrete assurance when the flat will be really made ready for delivery. No work is going on at site. Whatever Supreme Court orders does not affect the Jaypee as they are broke already other than we are shouting which ends nowhere. Now so much restriction has been put on entering Jaypee Office Sector 128. Clearly the staff are afraid but the key person is never available. There is also a confusion in name of Agency (Jaypee Infratech) to whom the payment is made and the original builder. People trusted Jaypee so much!

    As the condition of payment of all flat owners are different, only individual letters to each flat owners indicating clearly the amounts to be refunded by Jaypee (or the payments to be made) are required. There has to be a commitment of date of delivery of flats. Some general news in newspaper are simply not working, as there is no commitment. Even the documents sent to Sri Anuj Jain have not been acknowledged. He sits at Gurgaon. What are all these going on?

    Nila Aich

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