819 Mhada flats to be sold in Mumbai via lottery system


Middle income group Mumbaikars has expressed their disappointment over the escalating cost of Mhada (Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority) apartments. State housing board announced on Friday that 819 Mhada flats are to be sold on November 10 via lottery.

Mhada has invited people to file applications for the lottery from 16 September to 21 October.

Out of the 819 flats, 34 flats in Lower Parel are meant for high income group and are priced Rs 1.42 crore while two houses are priced at Rs 1.95 crore, whereas in Powai, 168 apartments are being sold for Rs 1.39 crore.

A newly married Lalbaug resident, Amol Ghole said

The housing board was supposed to oversee the welfare of the average Mumbaikar. If its flats cost Rs 2 crore I cannot afford a house in my own Lower Parel locality

Senior citizen wondered why the buyers would choose Mhada flats at the market rate seeing the past complaints of poor quality of construction.

Milind Mhaiskar, CEO Mhada said,

2 flats out of 819 are priced at Rs 1.95 crore, that too in the prime are of the Lower Parel. Considering the size and locations of the flats, they are priced very reasonable.

The flats & tenements are located in Lower Parel, Tunga in Powai, Chandivli, Pratiksha Nagar Sion, Mankhurd, Siddharth Nagar Goregaon, Mankhurd, Charkop, Magathane Borivli and Malwani in Malad.

Price ranges from Rs. 15 lakh for Pratiksha Nagar to 50-70 lakh in other middle income group areas. 8 flats are available in EWS category (Economically Weaker Section) while 250-300 flats are available in middle and high income groups.

In previous lottery more than 200 flats were sold for over Rs 1 crore, which gave the critics a chance to ask that why Mhada is not building more houses for low income groups. In addition to that, buyers allege that housing board failed to allot all the apartments of 2015 lottery so far. “even the rates have been revised after the flat has been sold,” one buyer added.

Shirish Deshpande, Consumer activist said that Mhada, like other private builders also falls under RERA regulations. He urged the housing board to be cautious.

Mhada flats remain in high demand, specially in the lower income group. Millions of applicants put their bids for the few hundreds of apartments constructed every year.

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